Who is Myiah?


     Myiah is just a young artist with a vision. She has a never dying passion for art and fashion and wants to use her talents to encourage individuality, self-love, creativity and positivity.

   Myiah has two identies. Myiah Moody and Myiah Pink. Myiah Moody is her birth name and who she really is. Moody likes to embody her name through fashionable expression. Fashion is a way to express who you really are without having to say a word. Fashion has always been a big part of what makes her happy and brings her joy. She wants to take her love, passion, and eye for fashion to  help others find their fashion identity and personal style. Moody's favorite thing to do is thrifting and reconstructing what she finds into something new. She wants to teach others how to shop on a budget and still look like a million bucks. Aside from that, she likes to pull out her second identity and paint on shoes, jackets, jeans, etc. to make wearable art.

   Myiah's second identity is her creative mind, Myiah Pink. The name came about when she was in elementary school and it just stuck with her all these years. Myiah Pink (a fellow alien), is the fun, creative, and whimsical version of Myiah. This is her artist name and who she signs her art pieces as. Pink often refers to herself as an alien because she doesn't fit into anyone's bubble. She's unorthodox, daring, adventurous, and honestly, just flat-out WEIRD. But, weird is good (in her words), and always has been. It means you're not afraid to be who you are, you're not like the rest of these humans and no one's opinion of you will ever change that. If you take a look through Pink's gallery, you will find a pieces that visually represents who Moody and Pink are.

    Myiah's overall goal is to use art and fashion to make the world a better place. She wants to tell stories, she wants to uplift people, she wants to teach self-love, positivity, creativity, and individuality. Lastly, Myiah wants to shine a light on everyone that crosses her path. The same light that her late auntie LaMetra, and late grandma Barbara shined on the lucky individuals that crossed their paths. She wants to honor them through her work, and in doing so, she wants to give back to the Sickle Cell Association as well as the Breast Cancer Foundation. Myiah is full of love and positivity and just wants to share it all with the world.