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Who is Myiah?

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   Myiah Moody, best known under the alias Myiah Pink is a thriving entrepreneur, philanthropist, artist, painter, poet, singer, fashion designer, model, and community leader born and raised in Tampa Bay Area. Myiah uses her art as a form of self-expression and healing and has a passion for inspiring others to do the same. She is dedicated to giving back to her community and helping others reach their full potential. She is the founder of HappySoul by Pink LLC and The Soul Revival Art Festival and Fundraiser. She has had her work showcased in many well known art galleries, art shows and art Festivals in Tampa Bay such as, The Studio@620, The Warehouse Arts District, The Factory St. Petersburg, The Arts Advocates Gallery, The Soul Revival Art Festival and many more. She strives to bring new, exciting, and creative experiences to the community in an effort to introduce more people to the healing of art, and the art of healing. Myiah has worked with organizations such as St. Petersburg College, University of South Florida, The Dr. Carter G. Woodson Museum, Cultured Books, Greenbook of Tampa Bay, The AKAdemy Gems, and The Sickle Cell Disease Association of America St. Petersburg Chapter. 

The Soul Revival Art Fest and Fundraiser is an event facilitated by Myiah Moody to bridge the gap between art and wellness and bring awareness to the Sickle Cell Disease while raising money for the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America St. Petersburg Chapter in honor of her aunt LaMetra Moody. The Annual Soul Revival Art Festival includes an art gallery, art auction, local vendors, live performances, raffles, and food. The first festival was January 2023 and we are excited to see how it grows each year in hopes of meeting our yearly fundraising goal for SCDAA St. Pete.


Much of the work Myiah does within the community involves providing art workshops and courses that highlight ways art can be used to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul. In 2022, Myiah was able to partner with the AKAdemy Gems to provide a 6-week art wellness course to middle and high schoolers - providing them with activities in person, and to take home to get them familiar with their emotions and thought patterns and practices they can use to stay centered in themselves even through changes they may face. Myiah also had the opportunity of leading the art portion of summer camp with The Dr. Carter G. Woodson Museum. Myiah began her creative art instruction with adults but has gravitated towards children in the recent years. She is currently serving as an elementary school art teacher at Infinite Potential Learning Academy and continues to do community pop ups.

Myiah goes by the name Myiah Pink to express the many different hues associated with the human experience. She views her creative, spiritual, and childlike identity as Pink. Pink can mean "Paint in Natural Knowledge" OR Prosperity, Imagination, Nature, and Knowledge. However you twist it, this is Myiah's creative mind. Pink Fact: myiahpink was Myiah's first username created by a name generator on Build-A-Bear-Ville during her childhood. The name grew on her because pink was her favorite color back then and anytime a new social media was introduced, she began to identify with the name and soon started signing her paintings as Myiah Pink or "Pink".

In Pink's art, you will often find reference to flowers, trees, and anything having to do with nature. This is how she learns how to accept and express the ups and downs of life. Everything in nature goes through a cyclical process, including US! She likes to describe her artwork as storytelling. You may also notice that her collection of work is like a puzzle that completes the story with each piece. She has three official series. Her first series is Soul Lessons, Followed by The Ancestories Series, and her latest series Soul Revival.

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